35mm Project

Friends of mine make really great images with modern digital rangefinder cameras like the Sony RX1 or a Fuji X100T. They have a fixed focal length lens on either a full frame or a cropped sensor. I never really considered any of these the cameras - they are expensive and there is that little bit about not having interchangeable lenses. But - WOW -  are they getting gorgeous images! So my question to a few other friends was: "What is like to only have a 35mm focal length"?

To make a long story short, I got an answer to a different question: "What's so good about primes"?  Shallow depth of field, sharpness, compact size, etc. So I guess the only way to find out what its like to have only a fixed focal length is to put a prime lens on a camera and keep it there all the time.  ITS A GREAT IDEA! Here are some example photos. The subjects are all different -- the common theme is that "restrictive" 35mm lens choice.