Newt Gincrich and a Few Baltimore Memories

Does Anybody remember that song: The streets of Baltimore?  Do you remember the Fuji F31d camera?  It was a cult classic in its day, circa 2009. Nobody at the time had better high ISO ability, and the pictures coming out of that little camera were just plain amazing for their day. Mine finally died after it failed a salt water swimming test.  It was all for the best though. Each little point & shoot since then has been better than the last, and each one has been sort of a little friend among pocket cameras.  Fast forward a few years and I still like the visual quality of the images we made together (the F31d & I that is). There's no doubt the newer cameras have better and better technical quality. My job is to keep the quality of my Vision moving forward at least as fast as the technical quality of the camera does.


Here's a few examples: