Noble Gull

Noble Gull? This was at the overlook for Chatham Light and Lighthouse Beach in May of 2014. The gull would pull trash out of a public bin just under the binoculars and flee to the top of the binocs when people came by. 

The Trouble for the Noble Gull was that most people would very kindly put the trash back into the bin - kind of tidy up. I've never seen a sea gull look exasperated before - but this one did.

So the gull would squawk a bit every so often, fly back to the bin and pull the trash back out again. Someone comes by, he hops on top of the binocs, waits a while, and sure enough a kindly stranger (knowing nothing of what went on before) puts the trash back into the bin ever so kindly. This repeated itself 4 times for us. A very nice little show for free.