Journalism is the First Rough Draft of History...

The Newseum in Washington, DC is dedicated to the first amendment. The exhibits change from time to time, but the underlying theme, at east as I personally understand it, is how journalism, and photojournalism in particular, both reflects our lives and changes our lives by framing the terms of public discourse in a Democracy.  The trip is well worthwhile for anyone interested in these themes. One aphorism on the walls states that journalism is the first rough draft of history.

35mm Prime Time

Photographed a public meeting to consider name changes for JEB Stuart High School in Falls Church, VA this weekend. JEB Stuart was a confederate general in the Civil War. Confederate names and symbols have become the center of a very useful discussion about civil rights, historical interpretation and how we value diversity. The audience had a wide range of suggestions, some of which were directly opposite one another and all of which were sincerely held. All photos were made with my handy-dandy little 35mm Prime Lens. Clearly its a limitation, but for some reason I love this lens anyway. It just has a certain look and very seldom lets me down.

First Impressions

Why do you need a professional head shot? Because:

" There is no first impressions anymore. They'll google you before the first meeting. "
- Patrick Stump -

Words and Pictures

Does anybody remember that movie called Words and Pictures with Juliette Binoche? Well, here's my take on it:

Words are good, numbers are important but words AND pictures deliver! 

 Microphne on Blue Background